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Two sizes: Full and Slim

Full size will fit more than you'd expect. Enough for a trip to the gym, beach and more.

Slim size will be more suitable for smaller framed and minimalist individuals. Pack only what you need.


What we love about it:

Self balancing drawstrings - means you never have to worry about awkward off balanced shoulder straps.

Water repellent nylon - is perfect for any outdoor adventure.

Side pocket - A drawback of traditional drawstrings is the lack of organization. The Mochibrand bags are designed with side pockets for quick access to smaller items such as keys, wallet and phone.


Mochibrand® makes the best line of drawstring backpacks. The patented exclusive features and innovative designs in the category are second to none, and the products pushes the possibilities of the drawstring backpacks even further.

Keeping the cords balanced and giving your fingers a break since 2011.