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Zixag Labs | Weave

Weave is the first of our Zixag Labs products; a drawstring bag built with this beautiful woven material we found in the fabric market. 

Drawstring bags are casual slings that support without being overbearing; something to be thrown on easily without fuss. For us, the weave material brings playfulness to something traditionally linked to sports/active lifestyle.

Construction-wise, the Drawstring is one of the more simple bags and yet so versatile. We’ve added two pockets, one in and one out, for more options in organisation and privacy. 

As a final touch, the labels are made from defect bags we couldn’t bear throwing away.

We’ve made 10 of these and will be available in-stores starting today. Watching our master seamstress put it together inside our studio was really satisfying, and we hope it will bring you joy as well. 【BUY IT HERE