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隆重介紹又一 Zixag Exclusive 的新品牌 Chrome Industries

1995 年始創於科羅拉多州的 Chrome ,風摩全美以至全球各地單車「騎士」,全因品牌設計出獨特、前衛背包,適合遊走於城市之中。 

我們引入其中兩個系列:日常使用的 Urban Ex 以及多功能的 Cardiel Op ,兩者分別為日常工作所需以及周末旅遊探索而設計。


所以,無論你需要更大容量的 Aer 、時髦的 Herschel ,還是 Matador 的可折疊小袋,我們都有各式袋款啱你心水。

立即到我們的 K11 店購買吧!

*  *  *

We’re excited to add to our collection of city bags: Chrome Industries. 

Started in 1995 in Colorado and loved by bike messengers in cities throughout the States and beyond, Chrome’s got a unique take on carry, with a healthy dose of city-sense, and forward thinking designs.

We’re proud to introduce two lines of backpacks: the welded daily carry Urban Ex, and the versatile Cardiel Op. These are two bags that are great for daily & weekend duties.

So whether you’re looking for something heavier duty from Aer, stylish offerings from Herschel, packable goods from Matador, we’ve got you covered.

All are available at K11 Zixag store now.


Urban Ex Daypack

Urban Ex Daypack Models

CARDIEL ORP backpack

CARDIEL ORP Backpack Models