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(For English please scroll down) 我們即將關門……變大舖
Zixag 四年來留守 K11 Select 101 號舖這個角落,但今年七月我們會搬到 3 樓更大的舖位 (Shop 305) 繼續營業!新舖面新作風,我們正在與一班創意爆燈的設計師合作,將更好的購物體驗帶給大家。
6 月 28 日是 Zixag The Corner 的最後營業日,我們將有兩個優惠繼續進行:
Avec 大平賣 — 所有 Avec 袋款均一價 $280
家庭用品清貨減價 — 所有家庭用品系列於 The Corner  75 折優惠。想要買父親節禮物,就不要錯過了。
地址:尖沙咀河內道 18 號 K11 商場 K11 Select 101 號舖
當然,我們的 E-shop 在裝修期間仍然為大家服務,並與此同時升級我們的購物車結帳流程,熟悉我們產品的你,就安在家中讓我們將貨品送到府上。
在實體店裝修期間,大家可用 zixagland 這個優惠碼獲得九折優惠。

4 years as the corner store in “Shop 101, within K11 select”,  we’re moving to a larger space to Shop 305, K11 mall! New location, new vibes. We’re working with a talented group of designers to bring a better shopping experience for you all.

28 June will be the last operating day of Zixag Corner – Shop 101 within K11 Select, 1/F K11 Mall, 18 Hanoi Road TST. 

Here are the in-store deals going on until June 28th. 

Avec Fire Sale – all Avec bags for $280hkd.

Homeware Clearance – 25% OFF in stores. Probably your best chance to save on that Whiskey Set in time for Father's Day. 

Meanwhile, our eshop never closes!

We’re always tweaking the site. Recently, we’ve improved checkout. Give it a whirl, you know our products, so let us deliver to you.

Here are some links to get you started:



Final Touch



Peak Design


If you’ve read this far, we’ve got something for you… use promocode “zixagland” for 10% off checkout during our renovation period. 

Happy shopping, 

Team Zixag