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This is a collaboration with Lau Pui-chung (PC) to create a series of limited edition tote bags, printed and hand made by skilled craftsman in HK.

In PC's latest work series, hand drawn sketches made during his retreat in the quiet Finland, he made into a deep conversation with daily matters. In the depiction, he reveals the natural science beauty, mesmerising among the striking interludes, deep into the traces of lines to whisper untold stories.


Zixag Labs is our experimental product division, where we beta-test new ideas in small batches.

Rest assured, Labs or regular issue, everything we put out at Zixag are built to the same standards, and comes covered by the same warranty. We try out everything we release first, and we never put out something we wouldn’t use ourselves.

So, if you’re down for some limited edition pre-release action, watch this space.

The Transformation


Lau Pui-chung, born, raised and schooled in Hong Kong. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he studied art. His home, for now.

Finland. His retreat. Where he finds another time, another space and another view.

A previous career in industrial design. Shaped but unsettled. Now he seeks a purer exploration. To go deeper. More personal. To see, feel and create.