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Tian Tian Xiang Shang is a well-known Chinese saying encouraging children to work hard and achieve their dreams. It then inspired local artist, Danny Yung, to create Tian Tian, a cartoon, for adults and kids all around the globe, challenging them to be curious and creative like Tian Tian.

Tian Tian looks up, points to the things he sees, and asking questions: Is this a plane or a dragonfly? Is this the cloud or my thought? Is this my question or the future?


In 1979, Danny exhibited the conceptual comic entitled “Tian Tian Xiang Shang” at Hong Kong Arts Centre, aiming to redefine “Comic” and explore the boundary between language and images.

“5, 6 years ago, I started to have an idea to transform TTXS into 3-dimensional figure.”

Danny believes Tian Tian figure could be a bridge for initiating more creativity. As adults and kids draw on the figure, showing how they see themselves and images.


Danny is an experimental art pioneer. In the past 40 years, he has devoted himself to diversified fields of arts, including comic, theatre, video and installation. Through his work Danny advocates crossover, interaction, participation and bold experimentation.